Student Loans


Congratulations on your plans to attend college!  Now, look to Freedom Credit Union for help with the challenge of funding your higher education.  There are four categories of funding sources for a college education:

  • family savings

  • scholarships and grants

  • work-study programs

  • federal and private student loans


Visit Freedom's College Resource Center for more information about paying for college.  You'll find a financial aid glossary, details about grants and types of loans, a student loan payment calculator, and a continuously updated financial aid blog.



Step 1:  Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  This generates your personalized Student Aid Report (SAR) reflecting your Expected Family Contribution.  Visit the Federal Student Aid website for information and to complete the FAFSA online. 


Step 2:  Apply for scholarships, grants and work-study programs, based on the student aid response from your chosen college(s).


Step 3:  Exhaust your federal loan options first, and then consider private loan options.