Celebrating Member Success


Whether you're refinancing or purchasing an auto, interested in product information, or even just updating your contact information, Freedom employees strive to provide the best service for your unique circumstance.


Here are just a few examples of recent Member Success Stories.



From Krista, Branch Supervisor:

A member called to request a pay off of her current vehicle loan with us.  I asked her why she was requesting the pay off - was she going to be trading it in, maybe getting a new car?  She informed me that she was going to finance it elsewhere for a lower rate and extend the term to lower her payment.  I looked at the account history and determined that if I took a quick loan application from her and ran the request by our underwriter for an approval, I may be able to do that for her here.

Not only was I able to extend the loan term but I was able to get her 0.50% better rate than the competition was going to give her.  This gave her a lower monthly payment that was better able to meet her current budget and she was able to keep her loan here with us. 

The member was extremely happy that I took the additional time to find out what her true needs were!


From Kelly, Branch Supervisor:

I contacted a member who recently purchased a vehicle, but did not finance it at Freedom. To my surprise, the member had financed the vehicle elsewhere with an 11% interest rate. I was happy to inform her that we could refinance it for 2.49% APR! She quickly asked about GAP coverage, mentioning that she paid an additional $15 per month for this coverage. With her loan being financed for 60 months, that would make her current GAP cost a total of $900.00. I gladly offered Freedom’s GAP for a mere $299.00. After figuring up her monthly payment, she went from paying $726.00 per month to $584.00 and she was still able to be protected with the GAP coverage.  


From Krista, Branch Supervisor:

I was able to refinance a member’s vehicle at 2.79% APR, down from the 4.6% that she was currently paying.  This saved her over $458.00!  Not only that but we were able to protect this member up to the age of 70 with Payment Protection.  This Payment Protection protects her family in the event of her passing, the vehicle would be paid off completely so that her family would be able to keep the vehicle.  All this and she still saved over $276.00 with the Payment Protection coverage.  The member was very happy with the savings and with the fact that the loan would be here with her other accounts.



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