Member Success Stories - Archive


Here are all the Member Success Stories we've shared in the past.  Enjoy!



From Kelly, Branch Supervisor:

A member came in the branch to complete a transaction and was joking with me about how he was working on completing his "Honey Do" list.  His next stop was to make his car payment at another financial institution.  I told him it would make his "Honey Do" list a little shorter if he let us refinance his vehicle at Freedom.  The member submitted an application to see what his rate would be and to his surprise, the interest rate he received with us was over 4% LESS than what he currently had.  The member gladly refinanced and saved over $38 a month on his payment and over $2300 over the life of the loan.  Needless to say, the member was very happy that he was able to save money and now has fewer items on his To Do list!


From Heather, Branch Employee:

A member called the branch very upset because the lawnmower she had purchased just over a year ago already needed repair.  The store where she purchased the lawnmower would not assist her without proof of purchase.  Unfortunately, this member could not locate her paperwork or the check she had used as payment.  I informed her she could log into FreeNet24 to review her check history and print a copy of the check.  We discovered that the check was no longer accessible, as the FreeNet24 system maintains a 1 year history and the purchase was over a year ago. 


I was able to access her statements from a year ago, and located two large checks that had cleared during the time period. Thinking that one of these must have been for the lawnmower, I offered to place a request for copies of both checks and explained there would be a $2 fee for each.  The member gladly accepted the fees and provided me with a phone number I could call to reach her once the check copies were available.  


Later, I called the member to tell her one of the checks was written to the correct store and had "lawnmower" written in the memo.  Not only had we found the check, but Freedom elected to waive the $2 check copy fee due to the situation.  The member was ecstatic!  


From Bethany, Branch Employee:

A member came through the drive thru to withdraw funds from her own account and her children's accounts.  She knew one of the account numbers, and I could see her rummaging around in her purse and car for the other two account numbers.  I quickly told her I could look the information up in our system and even wrote all of her account numbers on one single account card, so she could keep all the information together.  She was clearly a busy mom, so I wanted to help by making her future transactions with us as simple as possible.  She was so relieved and thanked me for helping her get organized!


From Tina, Branch Supervisor:

I was able to refinance a member's 3.59% APR auto loan down to 2.49% and reduced the monthly payments by over $40!  The member also elected to include Freedom's GAP coverage.  The higher monthly payment had been a tremendous strain on the member, so they were happy to refinance.



From Krista, Branch Supervisor:

A member came to me to see if we could give him a loan for moving expenses.  I determined he had equity in his vehicle currently financed with us, so we got him approved for the loan advance.  He didn't need the money right away, so we put the loan advance on hold.


Shortly thereafter, the member found out his wife has breast cancer.  Instead of moving expenses, he and his wife would now need to pay for upcoming medical expenses.  We ended up refinancing his current auto loan with cash out, since he had equity in the vehicle.  We kept his monthly payment affordable so as not to create any undue stress, and also protected his car with GAP insurance.  This eased his burden, knowing he has a financial cushion to assist with the unknowns of the future.  The member can concentrate on where his attention is needed most, his wife.


From Jeremy, Branch Supervisor:

A member applied for a second vehicle loan at Freedom, after having a great experience with his first Freedom vehicle loan.  The member was approved and elected to use an AutoEdge check for his purchase at the dealership.  Despite the dealership's attempt to offer other enticing finance options, the member insisted on using his AutoEdge check and financing with Freedom.  This member remained loyal to Freedom because he knew he was guaranteed a positive experience.


From Cherie, Branch Employee:

Last week a long standing member came through the drive thru to deposit a check.  Credit union policy required placing the check funds on hold for a couple of days, however, I noticed he would then not have enough funds in his account to cover an upcoming scheduled ACH debit.  If I proceeded with placing his check deposit on hold, the ACH draft would not clear and the member would incur fees for the returned item.


I approached my branch supervisor to discuss whether we could make an exception, as this member had a long history with Freedom.  Even though the financial institution on the deposited check did not have a local branch, my supervisor was able to verify funds and accept the deposit with no hold.  The member was very relieved to learn his scheduled draft would clear without fees or penalties!


From Tina, Branch Supervisor:

A member financed a vehicle through the dealership at 5.99% APR, with a warranty and GAP insurance.  The member needed the warranty shortly after purchasing the vehicle, and discovered the warrantly required a $50 deductible.  I contacted this member to offer him the opportunity to refinance the vehicle at Freedom - the member was interested but concerned about hidden fees and deductibles.  I assured the member that Freedom does not have any hidden fees, and asked for the opportunity to see if Freedom could save him money on his loan. Not only was I able to reduce his interest rate by 3.5%, I also saved him $351 on a comparable extended warranty plan (with $0 deductible!) and saved him $385 on a GAP contract.  Needless to say, this member was very excited!