Fee Schedule


Effective April 25, 2014          Printer Friendly Version of Fee Schedule


Share Account Fees

Aggregate Minimum Balance $5.00/month if total deposit balances aggregate less than $25.00 on last day of month
Freerate Account Minimum Balance $5.00/month if average minimum balance of $500.00 is not maintained
Regular Share Account Excess Withdrawal  $5.00/withdrawal in excess of 2 per month 
Christmas Club Account Early Withdrawal $5.00/withdrawal if withdrawal is after January 31st, but before October 1 of a given year. 


NSF Returned Item                $29.00/item                                                                         

Checking Account Fees

Overdraft Transfer  $4.00/item 
NSF Returned Item $29.00/item
Manually Cleared Item  $29.00/item
Member Advantage $29.00/item 
Returned Deposit Item $20.00/item
Stop Payment $20.00/request
Check Printing Prices vary depending on style
TurboChecking Non-qualifier Monthly Fee $5.00/month if minimum qualification requirements are not met
Dividend Checking Minimum Balance $5.00/month if average minimum balance of $500.00 is not maintained
Value Checking and Checking Plus Monthly Fee $4.00/month
Member Check Copy FREE via FreeNet24; $2.00/copy if retrieved by credit union staff 


Electronic Access Fees

ATM Transaction  $0.95/Transaction (ATM owner may assess additional surcharge)
ATM Card Issuance $3.00 
Plastic Card Replacement $15.00/card (credit, debit, ATM)
PIN Replacement $5.00/PIN 


Other Service Fees

Account Reconciliation $20.00/hour 
Account Research $20.00/hour if account research is requested by member and no credit union error is detected
Statement Copy Paper $5.00 / Electronic $3.00
Mailed Paper Statement $3.00/statement (eStatements free)
Deposited Item Return $20.00/item
Wire Transfer Incoming $8.00 per transfer / Outgoing $15.00 per transfer / Western Union $18.50 - $55.00 per transfer
Official Check $3.00/check
Legal Service (includes garnishments) $50.00
Early Account Closure $15.00 if closed within 90 days of opening
Credit Union Check Copy $7.00/check
Coin Rolling $1.00/roll
Annual Dormant Account $25.00
Inactive Account Fee $5.00/month if 12+ months inactive and total deposits are less than $250.00
Returned Mail Process $3.00
Payroll Check Cashing $3.00


Visa Account Fees

NSF Payment (credit card) $29.00 

Transaction Draft Retrieval (credit and debit card)

Late Payment (credit card) $25.00


Share Value / Membership Fee

Par Value of One Share $5.00 
Membership $3.00 (one-time)