Electronic Services



Your access to Freedom Credit Union does not end when our branches close on weekdays.  Several options are available right at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 




Freedom’s safe and secure internet banking service is available at no cost to members.  When you enroll in FreeNet24, you can take advantage of these online banking features:


  • Review account balances and transactions

  • View cleared transactions

  • Transfer funds between your accounts

  • Download account history

  • Issue stop payment instructions

  • Receive electronic statements

  • Pay bills electronically with eBillPayer

  • Send confidential requests and information securely


Freedom Credit Union maintains FreeNet24 within a secured server environment and encrypts all FreeNet24 data in order to ensure your accounts and transactions are safe.  Keep your login information private and choose a strong password with a mixture of characters to help prevent unwanted account access within your home network or on a public computer.


Click here to review the FreeNet24 Terms and Conditions and enroll in the service.


Freedom’s electronic bill payment service is available to members with a checking account who are already enrolled in FreeNet24.  Save yourself time by setting up automatic bill payments; the money will be deducted from your Freedom account on the date you specify and sent electronically to the payee (e.g. your utility company, mortgage company, phone company, credit card).   Schedule payments in advance to ensure your bills are paid on time, even while you are away.  There is no limit to the number of bills you pay on eBillPayer, and it’s FREE – no more stamps to buy! 


Click here to contact us about signing up for eBillPayer.  Select eBillPayer Access from the Reason List


FreeMobile24 is internet banking for your smart phone.  Use the FreeMobile24.mobi web address on your smart phone’s browser to check balances, review transactions, transfer funds between your accounts, pay bills with eBillPayer and view electronic documents.


Access your Freedom Credit Union account information over the phone, by dialing 800-342-FFCU (3328).  Use this free service to review recent activity and perform transactions on your accounts, via a land line or your mobile phone.  Click here for a handy Menu Reference Guide to assist you with navigating FreeLine24.


Access your cash 24/7 via the international PLUS network and the no-surcharge CashPoints network. 


Click here for more information, and to search for a CashPoints ATM near you. 

Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction

Set up this convenient service to have your pay directly deposited into your Freedom Credit Union account.  Your deposit can be split across multiple Freedom accounts, and even include a portion specifically deducted to make a loan payment.  Direct deposit and payroll deduction are easily established through your employer or the source of your deposit.


Electronic documents are the fast and free way to avoid mail delays, paper clutter and fees.  Your electronic statement is available by the third day of each monthly or quarterly statement cycle.  Use the secure link provided to you via email to view and download the statement at your convenience, or log into FreeNet24 to access the document if you use internet banking.  A valid email address is required. 


Effective January 1, 2013, a fee will be assessed for all paper mailed statements.  Please click here to access our eDocuments registration and login page.

Credit Card Access

Access your Freedom Visa Credit Card account balance and make a payment by enrolling and logging into Cardholder Services.  (You will leave the Freedom website and be directed to the eZCard website.)

Re-order Checks

Still use checks?  Need more for your Freedom Checking Account? Access our check supplier's online catalog to make a selection and re-order, anytime!