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Freedom Credit Union offers free electronic delivery of statements and other member related materials.  This service is a more efficient and convenient way for you to receive documents that were previously printed and mailed.  As an eDocuments recipient, you will avoid the $3.00 per statement paper fee, and your documents will be delivered sooner than paper copies.


Electronic documents you will receive include:

  • Periodic account statements

  • Advisory notices

  • Newsletters

  • Periodic tax forms



Here's how it works.

Once registered for eDocuments, you will be notified by email when items become available for your retrieval on the secured hosting website.  Click on the Login button at the top of this page and input the Document ID provided in the email to login to the secured-documents hosting website.  Then follow the intuitive directions and choose the items you wish to view.


Always remember that protecting the privacy and security of your confidential information is a top priority of Freedom Credit Union. Therefore, for security purposes, Freedom will never ask you to enter your complete social security number, your ATM card number, your credit card number, your PIN, etc.